Crónica Baleares.

Crónica Baleares.

Partidos de izquierda respaldan a Salas para IB3 con "voto crítico de confianza"

Partidos de izquierda respaldan a Salas para IB3 con

PALMA, 14 Nov. - MÉS per Mallorca and Més per Menorca have announced that they will support the candidacy of Albert Salas for the director general of IB3 with a "critical vote of confidence".

This was announced by the parliamentary spokespersons of both parties, Lluís Apesteguia and Josep Castells, during a press conference held on Tuesday at the Parliament to publicly declare their position on the proposal of the candidate from the PP for the direction of the public radio and television entity, which will be voted on afterwards.

The representatives of the eco-sovereignist parties have indicated that this favorable vote will be motivated by the commitments that Salas himself made in the meetings he had with the parliamentary groups.

Among them, Apesteguia has indicated that there would be aspects such as the maintenance of Catalan as the vehicular language of IB3, issues related to contracting local producers, the transition to transmedia, labor matters, or the formation of an independent and non-partisan team. Likewise, he clarified that "there has been no agreement between parties, but it is a commitment made by the candidate".

On the other hand, Castells has valued his "independent profile" with individuals "not affiliated with any party", with an audiovisual model in the smaller islands that "favors the hiring of local producers", therefore they offer him "a vote of confidence", although he affirmed that they are "not naive".